Elegant Damnation [Perfectum Edition - Limited to Nine]

A blade catches the light in the wake of a slow shutter story that originally surfaced in May of 2019. Observing the world, the decisions people make and why they make them will inevitably make you cynical if you're honest with what you see. This writing also pours light on the fallacy and waste of life that is begging for forgiveness from a creator. Judgment that we've ultimately created and tied to ourselves deserves to be cut away viciously and unapologetically. Elegant Damnation will now be immortalized through this limited Perfectum Edition release. The writing piece is featured on top with three other striking images below in this unique canvas grouping of four. All of them together, when measured, make this grouping a little larger than 18" x 18" with each pieces depth being a bold 1.25". These canvas prints are fully rated at museum grade and printed with archival ink to prevent fading and preserve detail. This unique piece is made to be hung as displayed here with each having a poseable sawtooth hanger on its sleek black backing. This is surely a unique piece that will earn your attention for years to come.

In addition to the pieces mentioned above you will receive a special 3" by 9" square ritual candle to burn during the hanging process, a title card with full writing piece and the Document of Divinity signed and numbered by Travis Trium Perfectum. The Document of Divinity also features an exclusive writing passage of reflection about this piece by Travis Trium Perfectum. The mood of this piece could not be rendered by just one image, so it sits within a four piece set. There's a certain danger in this piece, a certain peril that you will undoubtedly notice.

You will receive:
▴ 12" x 18" Canvas Print top (1), a left and right bottom 6" x 6" Canvas Print (2) and 5" x 7" Canvas Print bottom center (1)
▴ The Document of Divinity individually numbered and signed by Travis Trium Perfectum
▴ 9" Ritual Candle to burn when hanging the piece
▴ Title Card featuring the details on one side and full writing piece on the other
▴ This piece is limited to nine and will never be printed again

**This piece as described will be limited to nine. This unique four canvas grouping and companion elements will never be printed again and when these nine are sold they will be gone forever.**