Parting Martyrs in Myxoma [video sculpture] *CONTACT IF INTERESTED*

Parting Martyrs in Myxoma is a video sculpture mixing mediums and moods. It smears sculpture, video, spoken word poetry, musical composition and writings working in unison to make up this unique piece. Standing at nearly six feet tall and a full five feet wide, this manifestation features chrome-like arms outstretched with handwriting reading, "My body of work cannot be contained by a body. I am just a recollection that you will never collect." The center features a 32" chrome styled HD monitor providing video imagery of a timelapse displaying a human chest where the heart swells in the midst of sacrifice and passion forming a myxoma. This piece is meant to be viewed as a relic or momento to what I bear as an artist. A modern crucifixion where I am nailed and fixed to my thoughts and concepts rather than a primitive cross. The video loops continuously representing final judgment from the world viewing the cycle of life. Seamlessly mixing digital and physical art, it omits a contrast that seems to be prevalent in much of my work. Parting Martyrs in Myxoma ultimately speaks to finality. An observable conviction of philosophy and inevitable condemnation.

This piece is a part of my legacy and I am fucking proud of it. I am only interested in parting with it IF I am selling to a gallery or place that will keep it out in view so others can experience it.

*Please contact prior to purchasing to see about shipping and or delivery. Serious inquiries only.*

You will receive:
▴ Full video sculpture measuring 67" tall by 60" wide including 32" 1080P HD monitor, outstretched metallic arms, rolling stand etc.
▴ The back of the right hand is signed by Travis Trium Perfectum

Watch the piece come to life below.