$45.00 - $100.00

All That We Are 16 x 20" [Archival Fine Art Print]

Keeping a shadow between what the world sees and what you know is resting on your brows can be overwhelming. Only a vacant stare remains. The piece comes fully matted in black, backboarded and finished off with a clear sleeve to protect. Also, it wouldn't be complete without the piece being hand titled and signed at the bottom by Travis Trium Perfectum. This print is Open Edition.

You will receive:
▴ 12" x 18" Art Print displayed in full 16" x 20" black mat, backboarded and sleeved
▴ Each print is individually titled and signed by Travis Trium Perfectum
▴ This print was created with the original's contrast in mind. The paper used was chosen purposely so it would be as close to the original as possible