$25.00 - $65.00

Constant Ache [Giclée Fine Art Print]

"Constant Ache" was the offering on June 7th, 2018 and was a bold and visceral attack on false and empty ideologies. Worn and cracked hands giving up almost symbolizes the wait for an answer in this dark visual. The piece is an 8" x 12" giclee fine art print is graded as archival and comes fully matted at 11" x 14" in black, backboarded and finished off with a clear sleeve to protect. "Constant Ache" is completed by the title card featuring the piece details on one side and the full writing piece in its entirety on the other. This print is Open Edition.

You will receive:
▴ 8" x 12" Art Print displayed in full 11" x 14" black mat, backboarded and sleeved
▴ Title Card with Full Writing Piece

*The print is 8 x 12 inches, but it is fully matted in black with additional backboard and clear art sleeve that makes the piece a full 11 x 14 inches. This will preserve this print so it outlives you. Humbling, isn't it?