$45.00 - $100.00

Observation Hour Over Desolation 16 x 20" [Archival Fine Art Print]

A floating entity appears over a strange line cutting through the red haze revealing the desolation below. Within the desolation you'll find a green bit of life. Is this final strand of life that is yet to die from a once vibrant world? Or is it something blooming with a possible hope in a future dimension? The being also acted as the guide in the "I Saw A Hellscape" video installation experience from the exhibition, Technicolor Hellscape.
The piece comes fully matted in black, backboarded and finished off with a clear sleeve to protect. Also, it wouldn't be complete without the piece being hand titled and signed at the bottom by Travis Trium Perfectum. This print is Open Edition.

You will receive:
▴ 12" x 18" Art Print displayed in full 16" x 20" black mat, backboarded and sleeved
▴ Each print is individually titled and signed by Travis Trium Perfectum
▴ This print was created with the original's vibrant colors in mind. The paper used reproduces colors in a very vivid fashion and was chosen purposely so it would be as close to the original as possible