$45.00 - $100.00

Pyromancy Reveals a Harbinger 16 x 20" [Giclée Fine Art Print]

Pyromancy Reveals a Harbinger shows the two side entities expressing avoidance as the center entity grows from a candle staring the viewer down. Pyromancy is used to gain information supernaturally by the use of fire. I wanted there to be a contrast in needing to know an answer, yet still having the reluctance of viewing it. The giclee print is special and strikingly accurate because it is printed on the same watercolor paper as the original. The paper has a tooth to it, so it looks like if you touched it, the charcoal would smear. The piece comes fully matted in black, backboarded and finished off with a clear sleeve to protect. Also, it wouldn't be complete without the piece being hand titled and signed at the bottom by Travis Trium Perfectum. This print is Open Edition.

You will receive:
▴ 12" x 18" Art Print displayed in full 16" x 20" black mat, backboarded and sleeved
▴ Each print is individually titled and signed by Travis Trium Perfectum
▴ This print is on the highest quality watercolor paper available making it strikingly accurate to the original

[With these giclees, because they are printed on high quality watercolor paper, are very expensive to print . Please understand you are getting something as close to the original as possible.]